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Installing Tantra Philippines

A quick guide.

Posted by CM-Kurenai on Jun 22 2013 04:11 PM
I. Pre-requisites
Getting the Client.
Getting 7zip.

II. Installing
Installing 7zip is very straight forward.
After installing 7zip.
Go to the folder where you save your TantraPH-Install.zip.
Figure A.
Posted Image

In the same folder, open folder "TantraPH-Install".
Locate "Install.exe". Open it by double-clicking the file.
Read the End user Agreement.
Click Agree.
Select the directory where you wan your files to be installed.
Click Next.
Click Skip.
..wait for the installer to finish installing..
Click Finish to complete installation.
* A shortcut will be placed in your Desktop *

And you're done.
You have successfully installed Tantra Philippines.

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Known bugs
- configuration file preloading failed! is caused by a faulty installation (corrupted client from download). Please download the client again to fix this issue.
- Client loads and just closes afterwards is caused by the Cheatwall. Cheatwall had crashed during the startup. Restart the client again from the launcher.

To fix these bugs, simply download this fix here.
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