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Changelog For 07/12/2013

ChangeLog For 07/12/2013

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Posted 13 July 2013 - 10:17 AM

  • Added Silfrijan (self resu item) for 50k at Jeweler NPC (Warning , this item can now only be used by VIDYA, and CANT be used on the following zone : Anaka Kruma, Kruma , Vedi Kruma, Fortress).
  • Samabat skills changes : Dadati incremented to level 10 , Abida incremented to level 10
  • Fixed the animation of party heal for Vidya.
  • Nakayuda skills changes : Cyan incremented to level 10, Chamuse incremented to level 5, Saata incremented to level 5 , Prapad incremented to level 10 , Tiazati incremented to level 10 , Pauba incremented to level 10.
  • Restored/Fixed the duration of Nakayuda wings.
  • Fixed all the other reported skills and godskills effects (too many to list them).
  • Anubaba at NPC now works for physical and magical.
  • Added a better description to the Panda Pet.
  • Added speed description to all Mounts.
  • All the Mounts are now tradeable.
  • Fixed the EBB bug when dropped.
  • Changed Bracelet of Gods force HP from 20 to 100.
  • Edited the servername to "Harsha".
  • Fixed Jeweler Nara speech , some steps of hes quests was speaking on another language.
  • Renamed the action Mount to Mount/Fly (system comming soon).
  • Changed system message "Unamovable Item" for "You cant use this item right now".
  • Added a new system message for the new weapons and item limits by job, now it will say "Invalid class or job for selected equipment".
  • Added cooldown details to the following items : Chocolate, White Rose , Red Rose.
  • Changed the Texture to Snow and Forest Wolf to differentiate between them.
  • Edited some Loading Screens that had wrong texts.
  • Changed the new skills of Nakayuda and Vidya icons (added the P for passive).
  • Fixed the Tigers Title Quest (now it can be finished on the npc).
  • Biryu Map is now OPEN. Requeriment level to enter 60. The portal was moved to Exile (20k value to teleport).
  • Changed Max Karma from 3000 to 30000 , now PK's can have some fun if they want to live pk , so be it. The PK now can do damage until 30k Karma.
  • Exile Map rates changed to : drop x20 , rupiah x6 , pranas x12.
  • Added the "Love Messenger" Title scroll as drop of Choniokusins at Mantra Temple.
  • Added a new version of CheatWall.
  • Removed the , from the forbidden words.

This update is available on the AutoUpdater, for those that have problems with it , here you have 3 different mirrors of the manual patch , download the faster according to your location.



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